Поликлиника Мартини - Се што му е потребно на Вашето здравје, на едно место!

  • Јавете се на

    034 335 020; 071 296 515
  • Ул. Атанас Јанев 5

    2400 Струмица
  • Пон - Пет

    08:00 до 20:00

Example 5. Timetable with filtering by event, dropdown menu for filtering, columns are days of the week, one hour measure, first hours column shown with ending hour, type 3 event block layout, 24 hour time format and non-clickable events. Go to example 1 →

[tt_timetable event=’cardio-fitness,open-gym,body-building,zumba,boxing,crossfit’ columns=’sunday,monday,tuesday,wednesday,thursday,friday,saturday’ show_end_hour=’1′ event_layout=’3′ box_bg_color=’3156A3′ box_hover_bg_color=’42B3E5′ box_hours_txt_color=’A6C3FF’ filter_color=’3156A3′ disable_event_url=’1′ text_align=’left’]

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